Fitness Shoot Tips
I have a few tips here for you to consider when preparing for your shoot, depending on the final 'look' you require.

If you intend to use your images for marketing purposes, be careful about wearing clothing that displays prominent logos that can’t be retouched, as there may be conflict in cases where clothing manufacturers see you as using their brand to strengthen your own. This would only apply if you intend to promote your own business using the images produced (such as marketing yourself as a Fitness Instructor/PT). I suggest having available a selection of clothing so that there are multiple options with regard to style, colour, etc. Also, change of outfit and styling gives the impression you have been involved in more than one shoot.
Skin marks:
Consider that elastic marks from clothing can leave an impression on skin that can take 20 minutes to half and hour to disappear. Wearing loose clothing is the best option. A regular problem is bra strap marks on shoulders and back and sock marks around ankles. 
Using props (such as dumbbells, skipping rope, drink bottles, etc) is a good way to add some context to your images and tell a story. As with clothing, be careful any items that appear in your images are not too ‘current', otherwise your images can date quickly.
Body tan:
Most 'white skinned' models (male and female) get a spray tan a few days prior to a shoot as this helps enhance muscle tone. Ensure waterproof tan is applied, as I have had cases in the past where tan has run leaving stripy marks on the model's skin.
Body oil:
Baby oil, or similar applied to the body can also help enhance muscle tone but much depends on the style you are looking for. It is a good idea to start without the application of oil and then try this later in the shoot.
Body hair removal and nails:
This is personal preference but if you are looking to create classic fitness imagery, please make sure body hair is removed prior to the shoot, as it can be very difficult to retouch – especially armpits, bikini line, etc. It's also important to pay attention to manicuring nails.
Water retention:
Normally, models refrain from drinking too much water before a shoot to avoid water retention, therefore ‘hiding’ muscle tone.
I am able to retouch and change virtually anything but obviously it helps to get as much right as possible beforehand to save editing workload.
Model Portfolio Tips
Many of the same rules apply as above but it's important you create the right style of images to reach your target market/model agency. Please contact me for more information on creating the right model portfolio for you!
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